Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise:

Why Shopify is the Best Multi-Channel Enterprise Ecommerce Solution

Which platform is better Shopify Plus or Magento Enterprise? Read and discover why Shopify is known as one of the best multi-channel enterprise ecommerce solutions!

Shopify – the most scalable and robust ecommerce platform in the world. It sells across 20 channels without a custom code, provides an impeccable and fast service with 99.98% uptime, offers over 1500 applications, integrates with third-party systems with an open API, rests secure in a cloud-based solution with security headaches and zero update problems.

More and more enterprise-level companies make the switch from Magento Enterprise and Magento Community to Shopify Plus. The number of migrations to Shopify Plus is growing, however, there are businesses that are still nervous about changing platforms. We completely understand why – comparing these two enterprise ecommerce platforms can be pretty exhausting.
We’ve decided to break it down for you, make a comparison Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise and help you understand why Shopify is known as one of the best multi-channel enterprise ecommerce solutions.

Both Shopify and Magento are scalable ecommerce solutions. As a matter of fact, Magento 2.0 is created with scalability in mind, however, this scalability comes at a certain cost. Managed and hosting services are competencies that require a great deal of attention and care. As a licensed solution, Magento doesn’t include managed and hosting services. The Magento users are required to pay a web hosting service provider for the extra services. Beyond the cost, this can take your eye off the business. Magento also requires setup, installation, and configuration.
Shopify Plus, on the other side, make things easier. Shopify Plus offers high-volume merchants the flexibility, reliability, and scalability they need without the expense, long timelines, and the hassles.
A lot of Shopify Plus clients are choosing the platform to accommodate the huge loads related to flash sales. Migrating to Shopify means never having to worry about web hosting, infrastructure, networking or load testing ever again. Shopify Plus provides a hosted SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution designed to handle any level of volume. This allows you to focus on running your own business and not deal with IT problems.

The implementation of the new Magento 2 takes 4-8 months, it requires an array of resources such as architects, developers, deployment specialists, QA resources, and etc. Load testing is super important for Magento customizations so if your customization is implemented and working fine, it may not perform well under high traffic. Shopify Plus is concentrated on effectiveness and speed. They remove the need to worry about ecommerce hosting, architecture or security. This allows you as a merchant to put the needs of the customers first. Support is just another important point of consideration. Magento Enterprise offers technical support, but like many on-premise solutions, once it is licensed and implemented, you are on your own. Shopify Plus provides the largest network of support. They have an expert team of solution engineers, launch engineers, merchant success managers, front-end designers, dedicated support staff, and etc. This team makes sure the transition is painless, fast, and smooth. From development to billing, the Shopify team is with you every step of the way.

When it comes to updates, Magento’s new releases can provoke a challenge when the platform has been customized or extended. With each update, the user must understand how it might affect the existing code base. Upgrades like these can take a few days or weeks.
Shopify Plus takes care of everything. The platform is designed in a way that allows merchants to launch new features. This saves a lot of time and money associated with updates.

The future of ecommerce starts with Shopify Plus. If you agree, get started now!

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